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Richard Abbe is the Co-founder, Principal, and Managing Partner of Iroquois Capital Management, LLC, the Investment Advisor to Iroquois Capital LP and Iroquois Capital (offshore) Ltd. Having been on Wall Street for over two decades, Richard traces his love for investing back to his teen years. This passion, which was birthed out of conversations with his father, would eventually lead him to receive his undergraduate degree from Hobart University, where he currently serves on the Investment Committee for Hobart & William Smith Colleges Endowment.

Prior to co-founding Iroquois Capital, Richard co-founded Vertical Ventures, LLC. Other positions include working in Equity Middle Market Institutional Sales at Lehman Brothers, Senior Managing Director at Gruntal & Company, and Founding Partner at Hampshire Securities. Richard Abbe is drawn to investing for a few reasons, one of them being his love of helping promising businesses in the early stage of their life grow. Excited by new beginnings, Richard likes being a part of  a prospective new business to help supply the funds needed to seed a great idea.

When not working, Richard Abbe spends most of the time with his kids. Believing in the intrinsic importance of family, Richard cherishes the moments he spends with his two daughters and one son. Just as his father taught him, he enjoys instilling the importance of honesty, integrity, and strength in them. An avid New York Yankees fan, Richard likes spending some of his free time going to the ballpark and exploring the great city of New York.

He is also a lover of travel, believing in the importance and necessity of getting away from one’s hometown, stretching one’s mind, and learning about new people, places, and ways of thinking.

Be sure to follow along as Richard Abbe shares the importance of investing, best practices, and some of his career accomplishments.

Past Positions

Iroquois Capital Management, LLC

Richard Abbe is the Co-founder, Principal, and Managing Partner.

Vertical Ventures, LLC


Lehman Brothers

Equity Middle Market Institutional Sales

Gruntal & Company

Senior Managing Director


Richard Abbe attended and received his undergraduate degree from Hobart University. He also currently serves 

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